I’m a former PSYC-101 guinea pig turned full stack developer. After programming a half dozen experiments for cognitive psychology labs, I began consulting at Facebook to bring social presence to the Metaverse. My professional experience includes a deep understanding of the operations and infrastructure supporting machine learning (ML) model development.

I'm seeking new opportunities to build tools that improve the developer experience for researchers and other technical roles. Please reach out if you think I'd be a good fit for your team!


pennant-logo I recently created Pennant, a real-time collaborative notebook that integrates note-taking and code execution into a single web-based tool. It uses conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) to broadcast low-latency document updates to all connected clients. Its execution engine also safely runs untrusted user code using language sandboxing and hardened Docker configurations.

Visit the link below to learn more about how we built Pennant and the technical challenges we faced along the way.

Additional projects


Webhook monitoring tool. Built with React, WebSockets, PostgreSQL, Mongoose, MongoDB, pm2, and nginx.


Todo list application created using node, express.js and PostgreSQL backend, and deployed on Heroku. Test suite implemented using Jest.